In order for you to fully understand the implications of the actions you put on your horse whether these actions be the choice of tack, the way the hooves are trimmed, the training techniques your instructor uses as part of the training program or even the way in which your groom lifts and holds the hooves each day when picking out.

What we most often fail to remember is that man has such an influence over so many aspects of the domesticated horses' life and as a result he may be forced to find a way to adapt to situations which are not that ideal in order to cope. This has the profound effect on the long term health of the horse often causing strain in areas which ultimately over a period of time might result in the horse being retired from work or competition earlier than expected.

If you regard your horse as your friend, your athletic partner or as your investment, you owe it to yourself to get a regular 'State of Health' report. An infrared report is your quickest, safest and most cost effective means to do that. A wise owner prevents serious injury by keeping a hand on his horses physical well-being. By being informed, you can prevent serious injury which will lead to expensive veterinary costs and much time off work. A sensible owner understands that injury prevention ensures a longer, more successful working life of his horse. A caring owner wants to know that he is doing everything possible to keep his horse healthy, make his horse comfortable and ultimately happy and willing.

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