SADDLE FITTING SERVICES The only objective saddle fitting service in Cape Town

Thermal Communications offers the complete Saddle Fit package starting with a detailed Assessment which entails a visual and a thermal assessment followed by the Fit Adjustment, which may include the customizing of your numnah / saddle pad in order to achieve the most ideal fit for your horse's well-being.

As Dinah utilises the infrared camera in the assessment phase, she is able to determine very accurately where your saddle is bearing unnecessary and possibly excessive pressure which will exacerbate wear and tear on your horse. Dinah strives to achieve a fit that is free of focal pressure which can bring behavioural changes to the horse in work and postural changes in the long term. Postural changes cause undue stresses on joints, tendons, ligaments and the back which can lead to much time off work for your horse, costly medical bills and the possibility of forced early retirement. Behavioural changes can lead to nerve-wracking incidents and accidents often resulting in the rider and even the horse loosing confidence, sometimes never to partake in such a discipline again. These changes may take a time to manifest, often many months after fitting the saddle. Consequently the link between the cause and effect is often not made.

As Dinah is concerned about the rigours of daily life on your horse she will ensure that your horse is comfortable in the saddle chosen for him so that he can move as he was born to move. Horses wearing saddles fitted by Dinah move freely and are able to present their true gait range, calmly and with confidence. They are able to carry the rider with minimal impact to themselves which allows them to cope with the daily demands made on them.

  • ...use all his muscles correctly and will develop a healthy fit back capable of carrying the rider with ease.
  • ...focus on the work requested of them so the training process is much easier and the progress remarkably quick.
  • ...enjoy being ridden.
  • ...she strives at all times to achieve true comfort not only for the horse but the rider as well. Howevr, the horse will always come first!
  • ...she has the means to objectively assess the effect of the saddle in motion.
  • ...she understands that cost is a factor and will attempt to use your saddle and whatever saddle accessories you currently have in stock if assessed as suitable.
  • ...she has a thorough understanding of the power of a shim and the subtlities of their positioning.
  • ...she will customize your numnah and saddle pad to achieve the most ideal fit for your horse.
  • ...she specilaises in the 'difficult to fit' horses.
  • ... she is an independent saddle fitter and is not aligned to any one brand or tack shop.

Dinah's message to you... 'With a properly fitting saddle, you will give your horse the best chance of a long and productive working life and in return he will bring you much joy and happiness. Riding in a properly fitting saddle thus becomes fun for both of you.

I am happy to work with English, Western, Treeless, Endurance and Trail saddles. The majority of these saddles, when correctly fitted, will merely require a thin numnah to protect the saddle. However, very asymmetric horses will require additional support in order to allow and encourage muscle development.

I have made supportive numnahs/saddle pads for a number of my clients and the change in the behaviour and work ethic of the horse is remarkable and the ability for the horse to develop muscle in just a few months, phenomenal. It can be done. Your horse can work calmly under saddle.'

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