For the identification of a problem, comprises the successful use of the camera followed by the correct interpretation of the images. Incorrect interpretations can lead to misdiagnoses whether it be in a house or on a horse. With inaccurate interpretations, either the actual problem is overlooked or false positive defects are identified resulting in a waste of time and money in the follow up investigative work. This will lead to a lack of confidence in the technology.

To reduce the chance of such misdiagnoses Thermal Communications strictly adheres to the international standardised protocols which apply to the imaging equipment used, preparation of the patient, environmental conditions in which to image the patient and the interpretation of the images in order to ensure a successful outcome. We assure you that our technician is professionally trained and will at all times deliver a set of images which will present an accurate reflection of the conditions being scanned. Every scan will be followed by a professional report, detailing the areas which require further investigation immediately or those which should be kept under observation as against those which do not require any further attention currently. All body scan images are interpreted and the reports are prepared by trained DVM's who are also certified Thermographers. All veterinary reports are prepared by veterinarians for veterinarians.

Thermal Communications specialises in equine infrared imaging. Contact us today to make your appointment and begin your journey into understanding the power of thermals.

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