Recognizing the Horse in Pain and What You Can Do About It

"Too often the horse is blamed for being bad or intentionally trying to anger its owner. We must learn to take a step back and listen to what the horse is trying to tell us. Most behavioural and training issues are merely the horse's expression of pain" - Dr Joanna Robson. DVM


This book and DVD series is written and presented by Dr Joanna Robson, DVM, a veterinarian and the owner of Inspiritus Equine, Inc. She is the founder of Intergrated Soundness SolutionsTM - a philosophy and practice of treating the underlying causes of equine pain and performance problems with Western and Eastern veterinary methods. Dr Robson specializes in veterinary acupucture, veterinary spinal manipulative therapy, Chinese herbal medicine, saddle fitting and infrared thermography. She works closely with world-class Certified Master Saddlers, industry leading farriers, winning trainers in Dressage and Hunter-jumper (Showjumping) riding and academic leaders in complementary veterinary medicine. Dr Robson is a sought-after lecturer for events such as EquitanaTM, a technical advisor to EquineIRTM and an active veterinary member of Saddlefit4life(R). An avid rider and jumper competitor, Dr Robson has dedicated her life to compassionate understanding of the horse to eliminate equine pain and maximize performance and longevity.

To this end, Dr Robson and a number of other professionals in the horse industry founded Hippoh, Horse Industry Professionals Protecting Our Horses. This organsiation is working hard to educate ALL horsemen and women around the world on kind, gentle and pain-free ways to work with horses. Dr Robson has just returned from a trip (Feb 2012) to Myanmar where she helped a number of Burmese ponies by educating their owners.

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