Dinah imaged both my horses for saddle fit. So revealing were the images that I immediately stopped using, and subsequently sold, both the saddles I had used on my two horses. Up till that time I had no idea that either saddle was creating any problem - they were expensive, well recommended, leather treeless saddles - a different model (jumping/dressage) on each horse. Not only was I able to change the saddles to my horses benefit, but the images also revealed other problems in each of the horse's anatomy -- neither of which had I suspected at any time. The horses were both apparently completely sound, working willingly and well, and gave no indication of any serious problems whatsoever. I have ridden and worked with horses for almost 30 years, so these results were clearly a big surprise at the time. As a result the one horse had a full body scan to eliminate the possibility of carrying a previous injury prior to her coming into my ownership. With the results of the scan, and a chiropractic treatment. we were able to point toward the injury being a result of a somersault -- which at the time it had occurred had been checked and seemed to have been of no consequence. The other horse was also treated accordingly.

At all times Dinah was very patient with the horses, very exacting and meticulous in her goals, and a pleasure to work with. If it wasn't for thermal imaging the saddles, I would never have suspected the true story -- and needless to say my horses have been the greatest benefactors. In her role as a saddle fitter, I have never previously experienced the meticulous attention to detail, and deep understanding of the horse's conformation in order to ensure the very best possible fit - including providing an exact shim for a slight asymmetry in the one horse. I have every confidence in whole heartedly recommending Dinah for both saddle fitting and thermal imaging.

Pat - Klein Dassenberg - May 2013

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