The Story of Dinah, the saddle, my horse Ohio and me.

Dinah used to mention to me that my saddle is not fitting my horse, but I did not pay a lot of attention to the fact as the saddle was fitted on Ohio when I bought him years back. Now Ohio was 29 years old and I did not know for how long he would still be going. Then about 2½ years ago Dinah came back from a course in the U.S.A. with a lot of new knowledge about saddles. She convinced me that I must do something about mine when she showed me mine was too narrow.

So Dinah spent a lot of time looking for an other one. We finally found the perfect saddle for Ohio. And after plenty of fittings, and padding the numnah and imaging Ohio after I rode, everything came to a perfect result.

Now my horse is going to be 32 years old in December and is as fit and happy as can be. No more fidgeting when the saddle gets put on. He is relaxed, happy and we have enjoyable, comfortable rides. With the new saddle and the correct diet Ohio's body is filling in on all the right places.

You should see us, Ohio and me... when we approach the sandtrack he thinks he is a racehorse and off we go!!!

My sincere thanks Dinah for all the time, concern and support you have given me and Ohio.

Susi - Schaapkraal - Sept 2013

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