The scanning procedure is quick, non-invasive, does not require the application of any topical ointments or the ingestion of any hazardous chemicals. It does not interrupt your horses' work programme and the scans can be done at your stable. A full body scan provides feedback on your entire horse in a single session. It is the most complete means of gaining insight into your horses' state of well-being.

The scan is performed by our trained technician in the comfort of your own barn / yard. There is minimal preparation required and absolutely no interruption to your work regime. The scan takes 20 - 30 minutes to perform during which a set of 26-34 images are taken of your horse. The report will take 3-4 days as it requires a veterinarian trained in the reading of thermograms to provide a professional interpretation.

There is minimal preparation which is required of you to do prior to the scan. A complete instruction sheet will be provided to you at the time of booking your appointment. It is imperative that you follow this guide in order to ensure the best results are obtained.

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